Chozeh Knowledge Society

At Chozeh we seek to enable people to walk in true fellowship with Christ. It is possible to hear God and to know God. It is possible to live out of that experience instead of the fragmented soul and body you have now. It is possible to know and to live out our purpose.

Chozeh Company Purpose

Our purpose at Chozeh is to move people from the knowledge of God and into an active thriving relationship with God through friendship and responsibility with our creator.


Chozeh is Hebrew for the word ‘seer’ and it refers to one”s spiritual ability to hear God in the visionary experience. It is one of the four rivers that flows from the throne of God and onto the prophet.


God wants to show each one of us his heart and how that relates to who we are. He speaks to us in many different ways and he gives us the task of seeing and verbalizing what he placed on our heart.

This vision or ‘Chozeh’ will fill the earth and further the will of God in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. We have forsaken our First Love who is not of physical origin, and replaced our understanding based on our physical experiences.


The sons of God are being revealed!

Chozeh was founded through a vision that Eric Sunkel received in first quarter of 2016. It was in these series of dreams and visions that several ideas were birthed. Essentially the Lord wants to bring kingdom culture into the main culture of the world. With church culture removed we are allowed to see Christ as he truly is and who we are. That is the life-force behind everything he does. The mentality of ‘How is this best for the Kingdom of God’ guides his life and drives the effort we will see in the future.